Our Grants - 1999

Visual Dimension Project

Ninety TI-83 graphing calculators, three calculator overhead viewers, and three Calculator Based Laboratory kits were purchased for use in algebra and science courses at Oakland Junior High School in this and future school years. During their junior high studies, between 80% and 95% of the student body use the calculators.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,745

Technology Enhancement for Foreign Languages

The purchase of a multi-norm videotape recorder capable of playing video tapes recorded in a variety of inter-national formats, a standard videotape recorder, a new color monitor and CD players updated the senior high foreign language learning labs. The foreign language labs are used by students from all district schools for the Advanced Placement and National Foreign Language exams. Approx-imately 1,500 students enrolled in foreign language courses at both high schools will continue to benefit on a regular basis.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,982

Promoting Literacy Through Technology

The Wiggleworks program uses proven technology to promote literacy at Parkade School and increase reading levels each year for approximately 220 students in kindergarten through second grade. Wiggleworks consists of an effective interactive computer program used directly by the students in conjunction with stories in book form and on CD-ROMs.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,341

Music Keyboards

Thirty basic electronic music keyboards permit entire classrooms of primary students at Benton Elementary School from pre-school through fifth grade to experience music training while enhancing academic achievement.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,200
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