Our Grants - 2002

TI-83 Graphic Calculators

7th grade at Lange Middle School – The use of graphing calculators will provide students with additional technological experiences which will expand and enrich their mathematical backgrounds in preparation for junior high school.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,450

Reading with Character

Fairview Elementary – This integrated unit links literature with character education. Children will have opportunities to read, share and respond to quality literature in school and home environments which focus on a monthly character theme such as friendship or respect.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,600

Expository Expedition

Field Elementary. Third grade students who are reading at various levels will have the opportunity to select appropriate reading materials from this collection of science books and magazines.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,600

Rub A Dub Dub – Reading in a Tub

Midway Heights Elementary – Author book sets can provide children in all grades and at all reading leels with the opportunity to be immersed in enriching literature guided by appropriate instruction.

Grant Funds Requested: $5,015

Project STAR

Gentry Elementary – Students will pilot Project STAR, a new computerized reading assessment program designed to identify strengths and concerns and monotir growth in reading skills. The software will allow each student to track his or her mastery of reading skills.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,500

Doorway into Nature’s Classroom

Blue Ridge Elementary – This outdoor classroom and nature trail will allow all students from preschool through fifth grade to participate in hands-on outdoor exploratory activities. The “living laboratory” will integrate with math, language arts and visual arts.

Grant Funds Requested: $5,855

Writing Right

Russell Elementary – Portable keyboards will help increase learning disabilities students’ motivation, expression and confidence in the area of writing. The keyboards, which are equipped with a text-to-speech function allowing students to hear their written work, will enable students to learn skills that they will be using throughout their school careers.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,034

Audio/Video Equipment to Create Magic

Russell Elementary – The purchase and use of a digital video camera and video-editing computer will enhance the educational film-making opportunities in the areas of production, film and technology.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,037
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