Our Grants - 2007

Classroom Performance System

Funds the purchase of additional response pads, receivers, software and chalkboard for existing SMARTBoards and fund the purchase of two SMARTBoards. The SMARTBoard system allows the classroom teacher to know immediately if a student understands a math problem.

Grant Funds Requested: $10,264

Animal Excursion (Critters Program)

This grant provides a variety of animals on loan to classrooms throughout the district for enrichment opportunities in language acquisition, science knowledge, and artistic expression.

Grant Funds Requested: $15,000

Dynamic Immersion of English Language Learners (ELL):

Introduces interactive technology (Rosetta Stone) into the CPS ELL classrooms. The software helps students learn English in an environment that combines technology with native English speakers and a rich visual environment to build English language proficiency. The software is interfaced with a Student Management System to track student progress. At any time, 51 students can access this software anywhere in the district, providing access in computer labs and individual classrooms.

Grant Funds Requested: $7,442

The Geography Gap

provides geographic materials to secondary (grades 6-12) CPS students to support and improve geography education. This includes pull-down maps, stands, globes, atlases and traveling map transparency sets.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,964

CASA Video Messenger

Allows CASA team members to generate text messaged at the bottom of the broadcast screen, similar to the crawling text messages seen on broadcast and cable television. The text messaging helps keep all CASA team members informed during missions regarding medical or other emergencies.

Grant Funds Requested: $920
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