Hall of Leaders - 2009

David R. Wheeler

David said that Columbia’s Public Schools prepared him well for Princeton and that they also taught him to honor fundamental American values: cooperation, tolerance and respect for diversity. He has seen many fine school systems during the past 45 years, but none finer than Columbia’s.

It’s also been said of David that “his work has had immeasurable impact on the health and well being of millions of persons worldwide”.

Cary Reed Weatherby

Cary says of all thirteen members of her family…“through all of our chosen professions, we realize the value of public school education and have been avid supporters of and volunteers in our local schools. The Reed family appreciates the quality education we have all received in the Columbia Public Schools.”

She now spends much of her time running her non-profit free-store stocked with surplus business products for teachers across her district. Advertised as “A simple concept – offering professional results”.

Charles Allen

Charles continues to promote both education and this community in his efforts during retirement.

He says that he had excellent teachers, coaches and mentors at both schools; his early academic experiences with his teachers at Douglass instilled in him the motivation to excel and to achieve and provided him with a great foundation for a good sense of self and the need to always give back to the community. His two children received excellent educations from the Columbia Public School System, and he looks forward to their granddaughter having the same academic opportunities.

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