Our Grants - 2011

Science Camp for 7th Grade

Funding for sustainable materials supporting the District-wide Science Camp in partnership with Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Projected students supported = 700.

Grant Funds Requested: $62,926

STEM Kits – Funding for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Engineering in Elementary

Supports K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning that connects with literacy and social studies. Projected students supported in pilot phase = 244 students from Benton Elementary. Potential to support up to 8,000 students if adopted District Wide.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,472

FAST Math, Fraction Nation and SMI Programs

Supports mathematics student at West Boulevard and Smithton Middle School. Projected students supported = 1,346.

Grant Funds Requested: $24,449

SMART Boards

Smart boards for Hickman High School music rooms, Rock Bridge High School Piano lab, Jefferson Junior High School art room, Oakland Junior High School music and art rooms, West Junior High School art rooms, Gentry Middle School orchestra room, Lange Middle School band room, and Smithton Middle School art room. Projected students supported = 1,934

Grant Funds Requested: $23,371
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