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Career Center Digital Media

The Columbia Area Career Center (CACC) received grant funds to purchase t-shirt printers and heat presses for the digital media department. Digital media students currently design t-shirts as part of their curriculum, and the process of printing their creations will give them relevant industry experience with potential for cross-collaboration with the CACC marketing department. Part of the Columbia Public Schools community, CACC also serves the community through a variety of Career and Technical Education programs and courses for all ages.


John William “Blind” Boone

What All Fourth Graders Should Know about this famous Columbia, Missourian: Two years ago, four elementary schools (Lee, Grant, Blue Ridge, and Ridgeway) piloted a program* where the art and music teachers from each school worked on curriculum to be included in the fine arts objectives for each of these content areas. Their intent was to teach about Blind Boone (a famous Columbia native) in music and art and then work with the 4th grade teachers to integrate the material into the core for social studies. It was a huge success! These measurable objectives have since been Board approved to be included in the curriculum for fourth grade art and music. Many lesson activities and ideas have been added to Angel that came out of this pilot project. Each school listed above received seven books and two CD recordings to use for lesson preparation and delivery of information. Since the pilot project was so successful, we would like to provide the same resources for the remaining fifteen elementary schools in the district so that all fourth graders will know about this famous Columbia native.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,337

SMART Boards

Smart boards for Hickman High School music rooms, Rock Bridge High School Piano lab, Jefferson Junior High School art room, Oakland Junior High School music and art rooms, West Junior High School art rooms, Gentry Middle School orchestra room, Lange Middle School band room, and Smithton Middle School art room. Projected students supported = 1,934

Grant Funds Requested: $23,371

SmartMusic Technology-Student Performance Assessment in the Secondary Instrumental Music Classroom 

All secondary schools

Grant Funds Requested: $22,868

SMART Boards for Elementary Art and Music Classrooms

Cedar Ridge, Ridgeway, Rock Bridge, Parkade, Lee, Derby Ridge, Blue Ridge, Mill Creek

Grant Funds Requested: $12,529

Orff-Enriched Music

Provided funds to purchase a wide range of specially designed percussion instruments for use by K-5 elementary students across the entire school district. The elementary music curriculum makes music more meaningful to children by providing creative participation in playing melodic percussion and other percussion instruments.

Grant Funds Requested: $7,500

Music Keyboards

Thirty basic electronic music keyboards permit entire classrooms of primary students at Benton Elementary School from pre-school through fifth grade to experience music training while enhancing academic achievement.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,200
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