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Online summer school for high school students during COVID-19 pandemic

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Foundation, an additional 325 CPS high school students will be able to participate in online summer school courses beginning in May, which is an extra session a month earlier than usual. The donation allows the district to provide the online courses while the school year in still considered in session by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students can take courses in personal finance, health and physical education. The Foundation provided the funds to CPS to help during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Fit for Life

This project proposes the funding of FitnessGram software for all K-12 students in Columbia Public Schools. FitnessGram software is a tool for assessing health-related fitness components in grades K-12; gives students a comprehensive look at their fitness level; promotes life-long activity by providing assessment and follow up programming; produces individualized reports for parents; and, allows for self-assessment and goal setting.

Anytime CPR

Testing of CPR skills is required by the state and district and is one of the measurable learner objectives for Health. These kits will be checked out to online health students enabling them to learn and practice skills at home. Skills assessment will be done by the online health teacher or the District Coordinator of Secondary Health. The kits include a DVD and a practice mannequin. Kits can be cleaned and are reused for future classes.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,435

Dance into Fitness

An energetic, interactive dance program to improve cardiovascular fitness for students at Rock Bridge High School (after providing one to Hickman High School in 2005).

Grant Funds Requested: $4,942

The Anti-Bully Club

Shephard Boulevard Creek Elementary – Students learn to identify bullying characteristics and behaviors and explore strategies that are helpful to both the bully and victim in resolving their conflicts in a positive manner.

Grant Funds Requested: $918
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