Our Grants - STEM

E-Gaming Club

The $8,500 grant from the Foundation provided computer equipment necessary to establish the E-Gaming Club room at Hickman. E-gaming is growing across the country. Hickman currently has two clubs, with two teams for each game, League of Legends and Overwatch.

Grant Funds Requested: $8,500

Making Algebra & Geometry Real

This grant purchases equipment for the Geometry in Construction (GIC) and Algebra in Manufacturing Processes Entrepreneurship and Design (AMPED) classes at Battle High School. Students in the GIC course build a tiny house for a family in the community. Students in AMPED operate a business running a lab customing textile products and other items.

Grant Funds Requested: $52,384

Gardening in our Schools

Provides entire elementary school buildings the opportunity to learn about and experiment with aeroponic gardens, a gardening system that does not use soil and instead uses a nutrient solution for roots. The CPSF grant provides one garden tower aeroponic system for each elementary school. The towers will be placed in school lobbies, media centers or cafeterias, all spaces where each student in the building gets to experience it.

Grant Funds Requested: $18,270


Provides funding for MakerSpaces at ten CPS elementary schools. MakerSpaces promote STEM activities and provide a hands-on learning experience where children can flex their creative muscles and problem-solving skills. MakerSpace stations might focus on circuitry, design, electronics, robotics, building, coding, or other STEM skills. Supplies can include 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, and everyday materials, all with the goal of engaging students with making technology and developing problem-solving skills.

Grant Funds Requested: $25,000

NAO Robotics

A Fine Arts Collaboration with Special Education and Practical Arts. This project proposes that district coordinators and specific practical arts and fine arts teachers use NAO robots to implement a project-oriented pedagogy characterized by hands-on experimentation. Computer Programming & Music teachers will use NAO to integrate team work, project management, problem-solving and communication skills and “choreography” in a stimulating setting that is engaging and exciting for students. Teachers will also use NAO to develop interdisciplinary projects. Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to focus on problem-solving and exploratory learning by working in teams to actively engage in challenges and discover solutions. Students gain hands-on experience using NAO, and, when used in the lab, they discover exciting topics such as locomotion, grasping, audio and video signal processing, voice recognition, and much more.

Gateway to Technology

Students enrolled in these exciting new courses will greater access to new “state of the art” technologies such as programmable robots and 3-dimensional “printing” of objects they design. Through the design and construction of intelligent machines, as well as the “rapid prototyping” of engineered parts, students will explore a variety of scientific, technological and mathematical applications.

Grant Funds Requested: $23,650

To Infinity and Beyond

This grant will provide our newly refurbished CPS Planetarium with additional full dome media show rights that will expand the use by additional K-5 classrooms as well as expand the planetarium use to include secondary science classrooms. We currently do not provide service to secondary science classes as we do not have the media shows at their grade level. By expanding the use of the planetarium, we will excite and engage more students to science, which research shows is a critical factor in their decision on whether or not to pursue a career in science or health.

Grant Funds Requested: $19,950

Science Camp for 7th Grade

Funding for sustainable materials supporting the District-wide Science Camp in partnership with Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Projected students supported = 700.

Grant Funds Requested: $62,926

STEM Kits – Funding for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Engineering in Elementary

Supports K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning that connects with literacy and social studies. Projected students supported in pilot phase = 244 students from Benton Elementary. Potential to support up to 8,000 students if adopted District Wide.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,472

FAST Math, Fraction Nation and SMI Programs

Supports mathematics student at West Boulevard and Smithton Middle School. Projected students supported = 1,346.

Grant Funds Requested: $24,449
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