Our Grants - STEM

Doorway into Nature’s Classroom

Blue Ridge Elementary – This outdoor classroom and nature trail will allow all students from preschool through fifth grade to participate in hands-on outdoor exploratory activities. The “living laboratory” will integrate with math, language arts and visual arts.

Grant Funds Requested: $5,855

Science Presentations in the 21st Century

Provided funds for a Data Projector so students At West Junior High can professionally present the results of scientific projects, and can share results of in-class experiments as well as findings from out-side sources such as the Internet. Students are able to use digital pictures and interviews as part of presentations.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,750

Mathematics in Technology

The use of TI-83 graphing calculators provides students at the Columbia Area Career Center with expanded opportunities for mathematical instruction, integrate technological principles with mathematical analysis, and interface lab investigations with research and logbook documentation.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,500

Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor classroom provides Midway Heights Elementary students real-life science experiences such as growing plants and observation of butterfly gardens and prairie, plant and aquatic habitats. Observations are recorded in writing, graphs and charts.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,200

Infusing Student Experimentation with Modern Technology

Science and technology students use cutting-edge computer interfaces, sensors and probes in their data gathering and analysis of experiments at Rock Bridge High.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,375

Carpe Diem

Establishes a custom manufacturing operation to impact students at all levels, including students with educational and behavioral disabilities.

Grant Funds Requested: $8,000

Visual Dimension Project

Ninety TI-83 graphing calculators, three calculator overhead viewers, and three Calculator Based Laboratory kits were purchased for use in algebra and science courses at Oakland Junior High School in this and future school years. During their junior high studies, between 80% and 95% of the student body use the calculators.

Grant Funds Requested: $9,745

Science Technology

Provides partial funding for improved technology for secondary science classrooms. This project promotes the development of higher-level laboratory experiences, higher-level analysis and better quality products by students.

Grant Funds Requested: $5,000
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