Our Grants

Music Keyboards

Thirty basic electronic music keyboards permit entire classrooms of primary students at Benton Elementary School from pre-school through fifth grade to experience music training while enhancing academic achievement.

Grant Funds Requested: $1,200

Science Technology

Provides partial funding for improved technology for secondary science classrooms. This project promotes the development of higher-level laboratory experiences, higher-level analysis and better quality products by students.

Grant Funds Requested: $5,000

Making Books for Beginning Readers

Teachers and community volunteers make books for beginning readers using special equipment purchased with the Foundation Grant Award. The books were distributed among the elementary schools in the district. Teachers request texts appropriate for their particular student. This program adds to the amount of practice beginning readers have on texts at their level, and also allows them to take books home to practice.

Grant Funds Requested: $2,939

West Boulevard Bobcat Summer Camp

This grant to West Boulevard Elementary provided supplemental support for a six-week camp during the summer for students in kindergarten to 5th grade. This program expands the instructional curriculum through reading and writing themes and special projects. The students are motivated to expand their knowledge into new areas. The camp provides extended learning opportunities, especially for at-risk students. A mobile word processing unit with 30 laptop stations was purchased.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,190

Learning Luggage

This grant to Shepard Boulevard Elementary supported the creation of school-to-home learning kits. These kits take school home to encourage achievement by allowing children to work at their own pace and in their own way in a familiar environ-ment. This learning luggage links parents to the classroom in areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. The kits are easily adapted as curriculum and children’s learning interests and needs change.

Grant Funds Requested: $3,500

Books for Students

The Blue Ridge Elementary Media Center purchased books with the Foundation Grant Award that are interesting and up-to-date on subjects of interest to students. This enhances learning opportunities and improves learning skills.

Grant Funds Requested: $855


This grant to the Hickman High School Library Media Center provides a mobile word processing unit with 30 laptop stations was purchased with the Grant Award. These highly portable word processors provide increased access to students for writing and editing at school, free up the computer lab for other needs, and provide a continuing resource for students without computer support at home.

Grant Funds Requested: $8,450
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