Hall of Leaders

Robert Shaw

Superintendent of CPS 1962-1976.

Noted for skill in handling facilities, budget preparation, and district expansion.

Confidence in his leadership expressed in the passage of 12 bond issues.

Clara Marksbury Hudson

Provided exemplary leadership for CPS Title I Reading Program.

Elementary teacher 1966-1977.

Member and leader of many educational and literacy organizations.

Dr. Henry Fisher

Former Deputy Superintendent for Columbia Public Schools.

Led to district receiving national recognition for excellence in financial reporting.

Initiated programs that saved the school district more than $1,000,000.

Cindy Mustard

Director of the Voluntary Action Center of Columbia.

Recipient of J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award, C.A.R.E., and MLK Awards.

Planner/organizer for multiple community events and projects.

E. Desmond Lee

Education and youth philanthropist.

Established E. Desmond Lee Scholars Foundation.

Former owner Lee/Rowan Co.

Tom Atkins

President Atkins Building Services and Products, Inc.

Past President Lions Club, United Way, and Chamber of Commerce.

Recipient of University of Missouri Distinguished Service Award.

Rose Ward

Assisted with hearing, vision and scoliosis screenings.

Designed and operated sports concession stand at Hickman High School.

Ellen Tinsley

Initiated a volunteer teacher aide program at Grant Elementary School.

Served as a school volunteer for many years.

Elizabeth A. Schmidt

Served 23 years as a school volunteer.

Former PTA President

Founded volunteer program at Grant Elementary School.

Patsy Garner

Member of the CPS Board of Education 1976-1989.

Led a study of local school programs and finance for League of Women Voters.

Volunteer coordinator at Ridgeway Elementary School.

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