Hall of Leaders - Retired Educators

Clara Marksbury Hudson

Provided exemplary leadership for CPS Title I Reading Program.

Elementary teacher 1966-1977.

Member and leader of many educational and literacy organizations.

Dr. Henry Fisher

Former Deputy Superintendent for Columbia Public Schools.

Led to district receiving national recognition for excellence in financial reporting.

Initiated programs that saved the school district more than $1,000,000.

Dr. O.V. Wheeler

Principal of Ridgeway Elementary School 1963-1991.

Developed and implemented an IGE magnet school program.

Selected Missouri’s Distinguished Principal of the Year in 1985.

Mauree Taliaferro

Served as CPS Coordinator of Libraries for 22 years.

Assisted in opening 16 elementary school libraries.

Original member of the Mark Twain Award Committee.

Conrad Stawski

Language Arts and Humanities teacher 1951-1983.

President Missouri Association of Teachers of Allied Arts and Humanities.

Received University of Missouri’s Citation of Merit for exemplary service to Missouri’s youth.

Dr. Eliot Battle

CPS Director of Guidance for 34 years.

Selected CPS Outstanding Administrator, 1995 Pioneer in Education Award.

Received 1999 Columbia Values Diversity Award.

Dr. Russell Thompson

Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools 1976-1994.

Selected twice as one of North America’s top 100 educators.

1988 Missouri’s first Superintendent of the Year.

Margaret Niemeyer

Principal Grant Elementary 1978 – 1989.

First Principal of Mill Creek Elementary School 1989.

CPS Outstanding Administrator 1989.

Constance Guy

CPS kindergarten teacher 1958-1985.

1985 CPS Outstanding Educator K – 3.

Instructional leader, colleague mentor, inspirational teacher.

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